pushing pause.

One day I may be back here again but for now I’m simplifying my online life and only blogging over HERE only.

Oh, and in case you haven’t checked in lately, I’m actually starting to BLOG again. Kind of like the old days. You know, back in 2007+ when I blogged constantly? Trying to get back to my roots now that I’m actually photographing my kids regularly again… adding in a few words here and there to document our lives. Because while some days still feel long I’m already sensing how short the years are. And I want to remember this wonderfully fun and incredibly hard time of life we’re in right now.

So if you still want to read about our little family head over to Fresh Art where you’ll find my family, my clients and whatever else pops into my head!

Thanks so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “pushing pause.

  1. Hi:
    I found your website today, I don’t remember how now, that was at 8 when I went to work and have been reading ever since. I would see a pt coming in and would hide my screen and hope they didn’t need something to much/hard so I could go back to my reading. Well here I sit now and its 2 pm still sitting here reading. Did you realize you would make such and impact on someone?

    I remember back now that my children are grown (we had 8) and now co-parenting one of our almost 11 Grands, I remember that feeling of rush rush rush. I see so much more in Baby L that I didn’t notice raising our own or was to busy with work ect to realize it was a big thing. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time, then I think I don’t have to make dinner tonight if I don’t want to we can go out! Or last night our daughter went out and we watched the 2 year old. We cuddled in bed and allowed her to sleep with us much to my DH’s sorrow. She is a bed hog after all! One day I hope to finish their baby books, and try to relive their childhood alittle.

    I love your little house, its a home. Its perfect for you and your little family. My DH loves Halloween and would much rather decorate for that than Christmas. I am a Christmas person! We didn’t get into the Elf this year maybe next because Baby L will understand more. But I remember thinking the same thing about that darned tooth fairy many a times!

    I hope you are having a great week. Know that you made someone out here smile, say AWWWWWWW, and remember times past. Keep up the good work.

    Vicki R

  2. I know where I found you now, over at Ucreate! I had to do some work so went backwards till I found out where I found you at. HEHEHEHEHEHE I must work now I must work now, I want to go home now.

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