waking up.

Yesterday I came home to two sleeping kids. We had a LONG weekend so I asked Terri to make Gray and PJ nap which is very unusual but at the time very needed. I honestly didn’t think they’d even fall asleep but by 4pm they still weren’t even stirring and that meant bedtime would be tough. And since I literally wait all day to get the kids in bed and have some quiet time I knew they needed to wake up.

So I crept upstairs with my camera and snapped a quick shot of Parker who was buried under her covers. At the click she started to wake up so I just kept shooting.

And then I dropped my camera and crawled into her warm bed to cuddle my sweet girl.

2 thoughts on “waking up.

  1. How sweet-I can almost feel the warmth of my little girl’s body! she is beautiful!

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