another good movie

Are you wondering when I had time to watch another movie between last night and this morning? Me too.

Bailey woke up around 3am vomiting again. I swear this thing just won’t go away. I’m so tired of changing her bedding that we cleaned her up and just brought her downstairs. You never know if it’s going to be a one time thing or hours on end, so we piled towels around us and settled onto the couch, Chris in the chair close by. Since nothing was on and we wanted to bore her back to sleep we decided Elmo was not the best idea, so we watched Man of the Year.

Great movie. Maybe reviewing something you watched in the early morning hours in a sleepy haze isn’t totally accurate, but we both liked it. Again, it was a movie that turned out to be nothing like we thought it would be. I hate it when they show all the good parts on the previews or tv commercials, then when you sit down to watch the movie you feel like you’ve already seen it. This was not one of those movies.

Robin Williams was really good, as were all the supporting actors/actresses. It was funny, laugh out loud at times, with a touch of suspense thrown in. Anyway, worth renting in our opinion.