back to square one

When Bailey was so sick and was up all night with such high fevers, Parker was also up a lot. Because we were so tired, and Bailey was so sick, we couldn’t handle Parker up as well so to make it easier on ourselves (at the time!) we would give Parker a bottle and she’d go right back to sleep. Well, now, a few weeks later, we are certainly paying the price!

The last week Parker has been waking up every two hours or so and also taking cat naps all day. It’s like she went back to being an infant. After getting through Summer Solstice I decided that last night was it and we were going to get her back on track. So Bails slept at my parents and I was up a lot with Parker, but in the end, she did really well and I’m hoping that just one more night or so and she’ll be back to sleeping through the night.

Why in the world our kids are so horrible about sleeping I have NO idea, but it drives me crazy! Tracy’s kids sleep through the night and can be pushed through naps and bedtimes with no effect. My kids go to bed 30 minutes late and they wake up during the night or really early in the morning, they skip a nap and again, have a horrible night. For whatever reason, they both need (and i mean NEED) a strict sleep schedule. When we were first working on getting Parker to sleep through the night and were Nazi’s about them going to bed on time and everything they did great! Then illness hit, the schedule got mixed up a little, and it threw them (and us) into a nightmare.

Anyway, just tired this morning and felt the need to vent. Thank you blogland, for being here at 8am to hear my rantings.

Since this was a not-so-happy post, I’ll end with a few random shots from the weekend. Happy Monday!