Most of our friends have not only hit the 10 year mark in their marriage but most are cruising closer to 20 so our little 9 year anniversary yesterday felt like SO not a big deal. But when I look back on our nine years, it does feel like a big deal! We have been through SO much in our nine years together and the fact that Bailey just turned eight sort of shows how fast life happened in the beginning of our marriage!


In nine years we’ve moved six times. We’ve had three kids. We bought our first house. We’ve worked nine jobs. I’ve started two businesses. Chris has coached ten teams. We coached one college team together. We have fought and cried and wanted to walk out more times than I can remember but we’ve also laughed harder than with anyone else.


And ultimately, our good times far out weight the bad times so that’s all that counts for me! He’s my partner in most every sense of the word and I love him so much.


Now we get to figure out something fun to do for our tenth because all we did yesterday was work/parent stuff… not super romantic but totally where we are right now!

And for those of you that REALLY know me you know I gave up Mountain Dew in April of 2012 but I still LOVE fountain soda. In case you’re curious, I now drink one Sunkist can at home at night (it’s what helps me stay up editing/working late) and if we’re at a restaurant I might get a Dr. Pepper but no more runs to Quick Trip for their fountain sodas! Anyway, Tuesday night I came home with the kids from Bailey’s super far away soccer game and once the rush of showers/books/teeth/bed were underway I noticed some baker’s twine taped to my desk. I thought it was Parker, who is constantly creating something, but noticed the string led into the kitchen from my office. I follow the string to the freezer where there is a QT cup filled with crushed ice and more string tied around it that went into the basement… down to the basement fridge where he had wrapped up a 24 case of Sunkist! On top of the wrapped box were a bunch of the QT coffee skinny straws that I love and a note that said, “to assist in Fresh Art’s busy season!” The man knows the way to my heart! HA! Seriously, best anniversary gift ever! Love him!