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Everyone has a story. The best part of my job is that I get to capture YOURS. To freeze it in time so one day when your story has grown past late night feedings and potty training or carpool and swim team you can look at these moments and smile. I love photography. I can’t live without it. I see light and beauty everywhere. Being able to pick up my camera to capture it all is my passion. Fresh Art is about taking my passion and capturing you. Your stories. Who you are. Who you love. Telling your stories through photographs. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. 


Jodie Allen | Premiere Milwaukee Photographer

Commercial, Family, & Newborn Photography Packages Available

Every year gets better. I get to capture newborns almost every week which means I get to hang out with new parents often. If I could say just one thing to them it would be this – it just keeps getting better. We have 2 teenagers in our house with one away at college and I can tell you that it’s loud and busy and chaotic and sometimes tough but there hasn’t been one year of parenting I haven’t loved. It’s just different and while I miss those babies and I miss the golden years I also really love the phase of life we’re in now. Teens are INCREDIBLE so don’t be scared of them! 


We are brand new to Wisconsin. Chris is the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Marquette University and we all moved up to Port Washington, WI from St. Louis, MO in the summer of 2024. Leaving our family and friends behind was immensely hard but we are excited to build a new community up north. 


Fresh Art Photography is my full-time job but looks VERY different now that I am in Wisconsin. I don’t have a studio (YET!) but am open to taking on-location clients starting in the summer of 2024! I will also be traveling back to St. Louis several times a year and can’t wait to see my beloved STL clients! Subscribing to my newsletter and following me on social media is the best way to see when I will be back in St. Louis, MO!


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I mix personal with business – it’s who I am.