I gave myself a challenge recently – to capture one full day. It was hard and I had a bad day at work so I totally forgot to even attempt to capture myself sitting at my computer all day but at least I caught some sweet moments with the kids just doing their normal everyday stuff!

Chris gets up EARLY – like 4-5am to get SLU coaching work done or grading. Sometimes he runs his favorite 5 mile loop to clear his head. Then he showers around 6am which helps to start to wake up the house – excluding me who likes to sleep as late as possible. Once he’s dressed he sits in the quiet livingroom reading the news on his phone and drinking his coffee. He is a creature of habit.

Using my Bob Ross mug – I love mugs – LOVE them – but I don’t drink coffee or anything out of them! Random Jodie fact!

When I was shooting he was checking our daily calendar – Wednesday’s are our easy days sports-wise and I had no sessions so the calendar was pretty clear!

Bailey is the first kid up because she has to leave for school almost a full hour before the other two now that’s she’s in sixth grade. They all shower at night so in the morning it’s just a matter of getting dressed. She turns the overhead light on and Parker never even stirs.

Until Chris goes in to wake her up! It’s always fairly torturous, elaborate and loud. I’m always sound asleep still so this was one of the first times I’d actually witnessed their morning routine!

He left to go wake Gray and she promptly got back in bed!

Gray is always sound asleep too and after Chris wakes him up he comes straight down to our bed where he crawls in with me. Sometimes he’s more awake and will lay there chatting away while I groan but lots of times he falls right back to sleep with me.

Since I was up to capture the day – which is SUPER unusual – I actually did Bailey’s hair. Most mornings she comes down to say goodbye to me around 7am – I’m usually awake but not always. She gets up, gets dressed, does her chore (she is in charge of our laundry), makes herself breakfast and makes her lunch all on her own. Chris leaves around 6:30am so for 30 minutes she’s up by herself most mornings. I like to pretend that I’m not a bad mom but instead raising independent kids. I also just REALLY hate mornings.

She ended up not liking what I did and redid it herself. See. Independent. I like that.

As long as my kids do breakfast, lunches and chores on their own in the morning with no help from me I don’t care if they have screen time. Bailey never has time but Parker and Gray always watch a little something, usually on their Kindles.

THIS was a weird morning because we all left early to go get ashes. I love that our church does Ashes To Go every year!

I think only Bailey left hers on for school.

I got some too.

After dropping Bails off (usually carpool picks her up – two moms do mornings and I do most afternoons) we had time to come home so these two made their lunches, did medicine, chores (Parker does all dishes and Gray does trash/recycling), etc.

This kid still gives me a kiss as he leaves and pauses to wave at me – Parker flies out the door to get to her friends!

Now pretend like there is a photo of me at my computer for the next 6 hours working on my parents new website!

Most nights the kids have sports so we eat sometimes as early as 4pm. This night it was soup because we had to leave for Bailey’s basketball game. When I’m rushing and we’re not eating a family dinner I let them watch tv.

Getting ready to head to her game.

Parker, waiting on all of us to get in the car.

She played a great game but they lost to a Kirkwood team. It’s hard to tell but she’s the shortest kid out there by a foot. I love it. She’s tiny and tenacious!

Gray watching.

This was an unusual day but so many of our days are, between Chris having two jobs, me running a business and the kids playing on so many teams it’s usually some form of chaos. But man it’s a good life!