Last week I had the most amazing morning in the studio! It’s the exact reason why I LOVE having a studio. Five creative women brought their own unique talents together and the results just make me smile. None of us made any money but instead grew friendships while chatting about our businesses, kids, lives all while working to create something beautiful that each of us can use. It truly was one of my favorite days shooting.

Melinda from Sweet Addiction Boutique brought all the clothing.

Mary from Finch Vintage Rentals brought a lot of the props (a few things I had at the studio but most are from Mary).

Sarah from Paperwhite Designs brought the backdrops.

Catherine from Catherine’s Cakery made the cake (we missed having Catherine at the session!).

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I’m not sure who really reads my blog anymore (does anyone but me actually read blogs everyday?) but if there are any photographers out there I want to encourage you to gather some local businesses and create a shoot together! Everyone gets lovely images they can use (for the vendors it’s great for them to use to sell their products and for you it’s great to have beautifully styled images to share and give your clients ideas for their next session), you can create not only lasting business relationships but lasting friendships AND it’s just a whole lot of fun to work with other women! We laughed and chatted and ended our morning by having lunch together which was a perfect end to a wonderful morning! We are already planning our next shoot!

Making money is important and I could go on and on about charging what you’re worth, etc. but there are sometimes when working for free is even better. If you have any questions or thoughts I’d love to hear them in the comments! I will answer them all!

AND we are cooking up a giveaway so look for that to come soon!