Kim and I do not consider ourselves wedding photographers but we DO do the occasional wedding! Just one or two a year for the right couple and we love them, anymore than that and it would not be as fun for us I think.

Today we get to hang out with Keri and John on their wedding day and I woke up SO excited this morning! Even though I know it’s going to be a LONG day and tonight when I finally collapse into bed it will be out of total and complete exhaustion. I found this shot of Gray from the Petunia session and it’s my favorite of the day! Totally how we’re going to feel tonight!

We had just finished and were cleaning up when he just crawled up there and fell asleep. It was hysterical.

And it just goes to show you that even if the shot isn’t great technically (ISO 2500 | 1/250 | f2.8) it’s worth taking for the memory. I love this shot more than all the perfect ones I now have of Parker from that day. All that to say, keep your camera close and don’t be afraid to crank up your ISO!

Can’t wait to get to the wedding today and see how beautiful Keri looks!

Have a great Saturday!