This little peanut was so much fun to photograph!

20140923-FAP_1663b 20140923-FAP_1709b

A big thanks to Mary Price from Finch Vintage for styling and providing the props!

20140923-FAP_1743b 20140923-FAP_1801b

Those two bottom teeth just kill me they’re so cute!


Oh that golden sunset light!

20140923-FAP_1869b 20140923-FAP_1896b 20140923-FAP_1925b 20140923-FAP_1968 (1)b 20140923-FAP_1975b  20140923-FAP_2014b

The gorgeous and super yummy cake is, as always, from Catherine’s Cakery! The best cakes in town!

20140923-FAP_2022b 20140923-FAP_2041b

Besides literally getting eaten alive by the biggest mosquitoes I’ve EVER seen this was a perfect shoot! A sweet baby with adoring parents! I love meeting new clients and falling in love with their kids!