The weather was perfect. There was no soccer. I sent them outside to play. And enjoy life. And soak up the warm sun. Homework could wait. My dinner plans flew out the window and I sat on the curb taking it all in. With my camera.

20141023-FAP_9854b 20141023-FAP_9860b 20141023-FAP_9861b

We finally signed her up for a tumbling class at the Y and she is over the moon excited. When you see Parker now she’s always upside-down!

20141023-FAP_9873b 20141023-FAP_9879b 20141023-FAP_9880b

He was SO proud of his new JUMP!

20141023-FAP_9882b 20141023-FAP_9884b 20141023-FAP_9888b 20141023-FAP_9889b 20141023-FAP_9902bwb

She played hockey with her brother and did cartwheels with her sister and then came to sit down next to me. My shadow.

20141023-FAP_9905b 20141023-FAP_9913b

We ordered pizza for dinner and watched Beetlejuice as a family. We did a Halloween craft project. The house is a bit of a mess. Paper scraps and dinner crumbs liter the floor.

But wow was it a nice, slow and peaceful afternoon/evening. Together.

I will always cherish these days.