I finally got Bailey’s birthday blogged and realized I totally forgot to share Grayson’s! This year we decided to do a fun family day out instead of a party and he chose to go to The City Museum. One of the best places in the world! As an artist, I am fascinated by the intricacy of the art they’ve turned into a playground. I could stay there all day just looking around but of course we were pretty busy chasing the kids! They had an absolute blast and for the first time ever we got there as they opened and stayed until dinner time because they are finally old enough to not need a nap or get too tired!

20140612-FAP_1520b 20140612-FAP_1527b 20140612-FAP_1539b 20140612-FAP_1559b 20140612-FAP_1567b

We started on the roof before the heat hit and the crowds came! It was a good decision because we almost had it to ourselves!

20140612-FAP_1581b 20140612-FAP_1585b 20140612-FAP_1588b 20140612-FAP_1600b 20140612-FAP_1603b 20140612-FAP_1625b

For one month my kids ages line up – at Gray’s birthday until Bailey’s – so they were 6, 7 and 8 and I made them take a photo!


At lunch time we decided to take a break and go eat at Crown Candy Kitchen and while we waited the kids played with Jamaica Ray! He’s so awesome!

20140612-FAP_1655b 20140612-FAP_1656b 20140612-FAP_1661b

After a crazy fattening and great lunch we went back for the rest of the afternoon!

20140612-FAP_1710b 20140612-FAP_1724b 20140612-FAP_1733b 20140612-FAP_1740b 20140612-FAP_1755b 20140612-FAP_1760b 20140612-FAP_1767b 20140612-FAP_1777b 20140612-FAP_1804b 20140612-FAP_1807b 20140612-FAP_1813b

The three of them coming out of this slide cracked me up! Two injuries and one happy face! When you’re climbing and sliding in a bunch of mangled metal there are bound to be booboos!


But at the end of the day they had a blast together!