Back in July we took Bails and a few friends to the lake for her birthday!

20160717-FAP_5236_WEB 20160717-FAP_5238_WEB

One of her gifts from friends was a pinata so we strung it up in the tree!

20160717-FAP_5240_WEB 20160717-FAP_5244_WEB

And then hilarity ensued! HA! Kids swinging a bat while dizzy is SO funny!

20160717-FAP_5255_WEB 20160717-FAP_5258_WEB

And Chris would pull the rope so it was above their heads or at their feet which the kids thought was hysterical!


It finally opened and they LOVED the candy of course!


Each year I print a photo for my girls of their friends – they have an 11×14 frame above their bed where we put the photos and while it always makes me sad to replace the old photo, it IS so fun to see how they’ve grown in a year.


This kid – Oh how I love her. She has some good friends and we’re proud of who she’s decided to spend her time with! These are good good kids!