I am posting this from my phone while on vacation in Sanibel so words will be short but I forgot to get this up and want Betsy and Lisa to see their sneak peek! ENJOY! More sneak peeks and lots of beach photos coming once we get home! 20140712-FAP_0029b 20140712-FAP_0034b 20140712-FAP_0041b 20140712-FAP_0049b 20140712-FAP_0064b 20140712-FAP_0069b 20140712-FAP_0078b

They have four awesome kids – Chris had the most fun wrestling around with the little ones but it was such a joy for both of us to get to know all of them better!20140712-FAP_0091b



20140712-FAP_0111b 20140712-FAP_0122b 20140712-FAP_0138bwb 20140712-FAP_0157b 20140712-FAP_0164b 20140712-FAP_0166b 20140712-FAP_0169b 20140712-FAP_0198b 20140712-FAP_0215b 20140712-FAP_0230b 20140712-FAP_0268b 20140712-FAP_0312b 20140712-FAP_0327b 20140712-FAP_0368b 20140712-FAP_0397b 20140712-FAP_0555b 20140712-FAP_0584b 20140712-FAP_0714b 20140712-FAP_0753b 20140712-FAP_0776b 20140712-FAP_0838b 20140712-FAP_0852b 20140712-FAP_0866b 20140712-FAP_0867b 20140713-FAP_0917b 20140713-FAP_0923b 20140713-FAP_0926b 20140713-FAP_0938b 20140713-FAP_0969b 20140713-FAP_0975b 20140713-FAP_0994b 20140713-FAP_0999b

We had a great weekend! The day after the wedding we walked around the city a bit with friends and just had so so much fun! I wish I could type more but hopefully the photos do the day justice! I love you guys so much!