Everywhere on the internets I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful frozen bubble photos by Angela Kelly – HERE. With out temps so low yesterday I was excited to try this experiment! But WOW it did not turn out like hers! And I’m a decent enough photographer so I should have been able to capture bubbles I thought! After freezing our fingers and toes I think Kelly and I both decided that if you want to try this and get results like Angela, you need to make your own solution with glycerin so that the bubbles are stronger. Our store bought bubble solution (that was frozen in our garage from summer and had to be thawed just to use!) didn’t work very well – they ALL popped the second they hit the ground and shattered. We tried blowing close to the ground but they froze SO FAST in the air that the second they hit the ground they shattered like tiny orbs of glass. I think stronger bubbles would have landed maybe.

SO here is our fairly lame attempt at capturing frozen bubbles… I should say LAME in the photography sense… the kids still LOVED this (until they got bored and went to play with Chris in our yard while Kelly and I continued to obsess! HA!).

20140106-FAP_8019b 20140106-FAP_8036b 20140106-FAP_8043b 20140106-FAP_8047b 20140106-FAP_8050b

When they broke they shattered… it was actually really cool!

20140106-FAP_8059b 20140106-FAP_8062b 20140106-FAP_8087b 20140106-FAP_8090b 20140106-FAP_8093b

Can you see how that one above broke and left a hole the shape of a heart? That was pretty neat!



If you’re tired of sledding and can only stay outside for a few minutes before the windchill takes your breath away this was an easy and fun activity! We didn’t let the kids try b/c we didn’t want them getting wet while it was so cold. I don’t know if you can tell but the jar with the bubble solution was freezing so fast while we were outside – that’s why it looks so cloudy.

Today is our 17th day of Christmas break and while I love the slow mornings and pretending like I have to edit personal snow photos for a living (clients I am back at it tomorrow I promise!) I am ready for my quiet work-filled days at home alone to return. This introverted Momma is ready for that peace again! Although I will miss the random hugs and snuggles I’m getting, not having to make lunches in the morning and all of us being together. We seem to get along better and better the more we’re home and I do love that… but I am going to dance in my underwear or something to celebrate them all being gone tomorrow too! HA!