I got to meet Bodi a few months ago when we did a quick mini session just for him so I was SO excited to get to meet the rest of the family! Cash, his big brother, is ADORABLE and their two Momma’s are simply gorgeous! The craziest part of this session was that we were shooting at Bee Tree Park, a park I haven’t been to since I was pregnant with Grayson (so about 5-6 years ago) and HOLY MOLY it was like a photographer convention or something! Seriously, there were at least a dozen other families getting their photos taken! We had to wait in line at first so eventually we made our way to a corner of the park where no one else was. It really threw me off my game actually. I’m used to going where I want when I want and letting the session flow naturally, not wait in line for a barn door. Ugh. So THEN while we were waiting Cash’s ball rolled down a hill and went over a wall. Dayene and Tammy were fine leaving it behind but since we weren’t shooting I decided I could save the day and jump down the 5ft wall to rescue the ball. Except in true Jodie fashion, I landed in a pricker bush and spent the rest of the session with tiny little needles that were embedded into my pants/socks/shoes constantly stabbing me. It was all kinds of fun! HA! As soon as the session was over I stripped down and drove home half naked. Thank goodness I didn’t get pulled over! HA! Oh man. At least it wasn’t a nest of ticks like last year!


See… I told you Cash was adorable!


This was when we found a little corner of the park where no one else was… except in every shot I had to clone out people walking up that hill behind them! Families and photographers were literally everywhere!


Look at this sweet family!

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I always try to make parents take a few photos without their kiddos because I think it’s pretty important to remember how your family started. It starts with two people in love but sometimes in the midst of work and kids and the busyness of it all we forget that. At least Chris and I do. Most parents turn me down when I ask them to take a few photos together but I’m SO glad these two didn’t because oh my gosh I’m in love with those photos! So joyful.



And how can you NOT be joyful when these two are your boys? So cute!

I love being able to share all the sneak peeks lately! What in the world will I blog about in December? HA!