What I love about my job is that it feeds my intense desire to constantly change things up! I love planning intricate details with my full family session clients. I love playing with new props and enjoying my time with Kim when we get to snuggle babies at our studio newborn sessions. And while a LOT of photographers probably completely disagree with the fact that I even offer these, I really love working with my quick Weekday and Anytime Mini Session clients! Sometimes all you need is a quick session and for an 8 month old it was perfect!


First shot of the day! Can you stand the cuteness?


Mom is in love with his sweet blue eyes and I can’t blame her!


What you can’t see is Mom dancing the BEST dance ever behind me! His arms are out dancing with his Momma!


Oh that baby chub!

20130805-DSC_7309b 20130805-DSC_7331b

Mom didn’t want to get in any because the whole family wasn’t there but I made her! She’s gorgeous and that baby is certainly in love! Hoping to meet the rest of the family this fall!


You know how you love something so much you just want to EAT IT? HA! That’s how I feel about Missy Lang’s chocolate chip cookies, Aldi’s pretzel sticks and Sunkist orange soda right now! Bodi feels that way about his goat! HA!


Oh my gosh I want to keep him! SO cute!

Thanks for bringing him out Dayene! I loved meeting you guys!