We have had some super snuggly babies in the studio lately and oh man I am in love!

20140911-FAP_9058b 20140911-FAP_9087b 20140911-FAP_9101b

Isn’t he the sweetest? It’s chilly and cloudy here today and all I want to do is snuggle this little guy!


And if this baby looks familiar – he’s the STAR of our new video!


Because his mom is a rock star!

20140911-FAP_9246b 20140911-FAP_9268b 20140911-FAP_9274b

He had the tiniest little grin! Love!

20140911-FAP_9306b 20140911-FAP_9326b

Jamie was SUCH a good sport for letting us do this video with her! LOVE her for that!

Happy Wednesday you guys!