If you don’t subscribe to our newsletter than you might have missed my announcement a couple of weeks ago! So first – if you want to be the first to know all that goes on around here including having first dibs at our mini sessions and other specials, make sure to sign up for the newsletter HERE!

SO – if you missed it here is the short version…

I have taken a full-time job at TNT Sales in Villa Ridge, MO as their Marketing Director. It was a big move for me and big changes for our family but I am thrilled to be working with a great company! I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for me there and after 8 years running a photography business I am actually a little excited to be slowing down in that area a little. Chris compares me running Fresh Art to being on an island sometimes – the wins and loses are all mine which can be very fulfilling but also very exhausting. I will be passing a lot of things over to my amazing studio and business manager, Tricia Copeland, so that my time is more free to continue doing the part of this business that I love – taking photos.

What this means for my amazing and sweet clients is that I will be reducing my shooting schedule in major ways. For the last five years I’ve had about 15-20 sessions a month and I just won’t have time to do that many anymore. I am now almost booked solid through the fall so if you’d like a spot on my calendar please email fast.

I have also changed the sessions I offer. I will no longer (for now at least) be offering mini sessions. I have one full session package that you can read about HERE. I am in talks and will hopefully be hiring a photographer to take over our studio mini sessions very soon so that we can still offer our Back to School Minis, Christmas Minis, Nursing Minis, Grandparent Minis, etc. Please watch the newsletter, FB and the blog for more information about all of this.

I know this is a big change and I will miss seeing a lot of my clients this year. Please know it was not an easy decision. If I am ever not able to get your session on my calendar I have a list of other amazing local photographers to refer you to so please never hesitate to email.

And keep in touch! Friend me on FB, follow me on Instagram and continue to read the blog – I’m hoping that by slowing down my professional shooting career it will actually make me want to pick up the camera more just for fun which will hopefully lead to more blogging in the future!

A big thanks to all that have reached out to cheer me on – your support means the world.

Happy weekend friends.