Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure of photographing some of Chevron Boutique Blanks spring line. It was a super windy and fairly chilly day but the kids were total troopers!


We were so lucky to be able to use Stuckmeyer’s Farm Market for our location and the people that worked there were SO warm and welcoming! If any of my clients want a sweet farm I’d love to rent this space again!

20140428-FAP_2688b 20140428-FAP_2697b 20140428-FAP_2702b

If you are a photographer in St. Louis than you know Mary Price from Finch Vintage Rentals. Natalie, the owner of Chevron Boutique Blanks, hired Mary to do all the planning/design/set-up/organizing/etc. Most people know Mary rents fabulous props for photographers, events or anything really but what most people don’t know is that her photo shoot design skills are amazing. Truly, she’s phenomenal. AND FOR HIRE!

20140428-FAP_2710b 20140428-FAP_2755b

I work with Mary a lot so I feel a bit biased but she is worth every darn penny! Truly. She can help take photographers to the next level!


Mary, Natalie and I brainstormed some ideas and settled on a farm shoot. Then Mary called around to find some possible locations. The three of us scouted and settled on Stuckmeyer’s for various reasons (because it’s awesome!). Then Mary scheduled the shoot, worked with the models, brought in assistants for everyone, planned each shot down to where, what props, which kid, which outfit, etc. I am more a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl so I truly appreciated her crazy organization! And if you are a bit disorganized like me then it’s really worth it to pay for her to come take care of the things you fall short on – keeps clients happy and things running smoothly especially on a big shoot like this.

20140428-FAP_2862b 20140428-FAP_2890b 20140428-FAP_2912b 20140428-FAP_2923b

That is Linda and little David – she is a member of the Stuckmeyer family and I just had to snap this shot! It was pretty chilly and David was dressed in a little romper to be one of our models but fell asleep first! I told Linda (who was totally dressed to work on her farm and not have her photo taken but how beautiful does she look regardless?) that I just had to take it because so quickly they’re too big to fit in our arms and be warmed inside our own jacket. I miss Gray from those days!

20140428-FAP_3048b 20140428-FAP_3120b 20140428-FAP_3145b

This pig. Have you ever seen a bigger pig? Dylan did such a good job not freaking out when that pig came near her! HA! He was massive!

20140428-FAP_3167b 20140428-FAP_3210b

Such a fun day! Yet again I feel blessed to know so many amazing women who own and run their own small businesses like I do – they build me up, encourage me, support me, vent with me and laugh with me! I love cheering each other one too when someone does something amazing! I have a great group of photographers I love and adore but having friends in other industries is great to get a different view from – really sparks the creativity!

A big thanks to Linda at Stuckmeyers, Natalie at Chevron Boutique Blanks and Mary from Finch Vintage Rentals!