Sitting up sessions are SO much fun! Babies at this age have so much personality and when I haven’t seen them since they were newborns it’s like I am meeting them again for the first time! They are insanely cute, giggly and just such a total joy to be around! I always leave these sessions SO happy! When Kat and Brad walked in with Conrad I just smiled. I mean look at this baby boy!


He is one beautiful baby!

20140820-FAP_5085b 20140820-FAP_5148bwb

Babies are always teething! For years it feels like! And I love this shot so much! How many fingers can he get in there? HA!


AH! Look at those smiley eyes! LOVE!

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I can’t wait to see Conrad when he is one! Can you just picture this little guy diving into a cake? Too cute!

Happy Friday you guys! Have an amazing LONG weekend! Chris and I are taking a couple of days to celebrate our 10th anniversary and I can’t wait for 2 kid-free days! Love my kids but time alone with Chris is cherished these days!