Hi friends!

Classes this week are at 3pm CST on Zoom and here’s the link – https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75267199823 – I am not a Zoom expert so if you have trouble please don’t ask me – my sister handles this part for me!

This week we are going to be doing three projects.

Supplies needed for the week – paper (we are using a white card stock and white watercolor paper so it’s thicker than normal computer paper but that would work too), black pen (we will be using thin and thick black Sharpies), pencil with eraser, ruler, watercolor paint, glue and colored markers (we use Crayola).

Tuesday – we will start with introductions so have your kids write their names on a piece of paper ahead of time they can hold up (if it’s a small group I will let them all talk – if it’s a big group I will mute everyone) and I’ll ask them some questions – so also have them write YES on one side of a paper and NO on the other. Again, if it’s a small group I leave it un-muted so we can all chat. If it’s over 9-10 kids it’s too much and I’ll mute them but ask questions they can answer YES or NO to!

We will start with a line drawing activity so I can show them that “coloring” doesn’t always mean fully coloring. This is a simple project to get us started. Then we are going to draw a bunny together incorporating our line “coloring” lesson. Supplies for Tuesday are just paper and pencil/pen/black sharpie. SAVE the bunny for later in the week!

Wednesday – Everyone is going to show and tell their finished bunnies (assuming we didn’t all finish on Tuesday) but we will set the bunny aside. Today is a watercolor day! We are going to paint flowers (that will end up being the background for the bunny on Thursday) and start the last project by painting the background. Supplies needed are watercolors, brush, cup of water, paper (thicker paper works best but use what you have), ruler, black pen/marker and scissors.

Thursday – We will start by adding marker shading to our flower garden. Then we will take our cut out bunny OR cut out the bunny if we didn’t get to that on Wednesday and glue it onto our flower paper. Our bunny project will be finished! Then we will take out other watercolor background and create an “I AM” statement art piece. I will talk to them about who we all are and that even though times might be confusing or hard or sad that at our core we are ALL special. Supplies needed – scissors, glue, pen/sharpie and markers.

My kids are older so you will see us use Sharpies a lot – I will CONSTANTLY be telling kids other things work too so do not feel like your little one needs to use a permanent marker. You will also see me prep our table by having my kids tape two pieces of paper down so paint/markers/whatever doesn’t ruin our table. Feel free to use newspaper or whatever you want to prep or maybe you have an art table that can get messed up!

This week we will complete one small project and two more involved ones. I am going to always encourage the kids to cut up art to make cards BUT sometimes the projects they make will be best to be kept or hung up at home – this is more of a “hang up at home” week I think.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions! Always text me – 314-541-9944 if you want a quick response!

Lastly, these classes are FREE to anyone but if you want to donate a little my Venmo is JodieKuhnAllen.