Happy weekend friends!

I don’t know about you guys but we spent Friday and Saturday outside – hiking and yard work and eating outside with both sets of grandparents – it’s been so nice! We all have a little sunburn and are exhausted so I’m going to call it a successful weekend. Not that Friday is a weekend but Sunday it’s supposed to rain and well, we really have no idea what day it is anyway so we make up our weekends when we want to!

OK – this week is going to be SO fun! We will be making several Mother’s Day gifts so don’t be surprised if your kids kick you out of the room!

TUESDAY – white paper, black marker (sharpie is best), colored markers, if your child painted newspaper last week and has some left use that but if not they need colored paper, scissors, glue and we might need watercolor paint/brushes/water. I haven’t decided if we will paint this day or not but maybe have it ready!

WEDNESDAY – Craft paint, white printer paper, scissors and maybe some wet paper towels as we will be finger painting!

THURSDAY – Please print out a photo of your kids together or a single image of your child taking my class or a family photo – printing it on a home printer will work best. If you can print two different photos having one in color and one in b/w would be awesome. If you want to print several photos so they have choices that’s good too! Craft paint, brushes, cup of water and paper towels (just to wipe brushes if you want them to use a rag that’s fine too).

As always – class is from 3-4pm Tues-Thurs. The zoom is always the same and HERE is the link. Class is free but if you feel led to send a gift my Venmo is JodieKuhnAllen. ALL children are welcome – younger children might need parent help but most kids can follow my directions and do it on their own!

I can’t wait to see your kids!