We are SO proud of Chris and excited for next year but MAN we are going to miss being the “coach’s family” on the sidelines. I’m sure we will be at a lot of the games next year but it will be different. He’s been coaching at WGHS since we moved home from Spokane in 2006 (pregnant with Parker). Our kids have grown up on the sidelines from girls/boys soccer to basketball and even field hockey! It’s definitely why they love sports so much! SLU is going to be amazing and we’re open for any adventures that might come after that too – but these precious years as the coach’s wife/kids at WGHS will forever be close to my heart.

Here’s the Webster Kirkwood Times article that came out this week – http://www.websterkirkwoodtimes.com/Articles-Sports-c-2016-04-28-198265.114137-sub-Websters-Chris-Allen-To-Coach-Soccer-At-SLU.html

And here’s some random pics (camera and phone) from over the years….

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