Julia just sent us her Christmas card she designed for this year and it’s so cute we just had to share! HERE was her maternity session and check out her cute card!

I love having crazy talented clients!

Just look at what she did last year HERE!

And read her blog HERE too! She makes tons of cute things you might want to check out!

In other non-cute news Bailey was hit by the worst stomach bug I’ve seen in a while! She threw-up 9 times last night which means C and I got no sleep. Poor guy is at school getting through finals and grading and coaching and even scouting late tonight on maybe one hour of sleep. I feel drugged I’m so tired but at least I get to be in my jammies and not at work! She’s kept down some Cheerios so I hope we’re past it and I am praying that no one else gets it! UGH! I can handle most things but stomach bugs kill me. Heading off to nap instead of eat… I have no appetite and I think it’s because I’m scared of what could come back up!

I’m ready for Wednesday to be over!