When you book an All About Me session for your child you have the option to work with Finch Vintage Rentals on the styling of your session. Mary is so crazy talented she can take your idea and make it completely come to life!

Ella’s parents wanted her session to be all things girly and playful – capturing their sweet girl as she turns three – and Mary rocked it out! It was playful and whimsical and Ella had a great time on a gorgeous night! I love working with Mary on sessions but it’s even better when Mom comes with the perfect clothes and accessories too! Jen did an amazing job at coordinating and working with Mary! It’s a group effort that’s for sure! I get to just show up and work the camera! HA! I think I have it easy!

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The amazing flowers were done by Style Altar’d – they were the perfect addition!

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Oh my gosh it was such a good night to be a photographer!