There are some sessions I have that really speak to my heart.


My sweet friend, Erin Meckfessel of Pickles and Ice Cream Sleep and Baby Consulting, wanted to gift her sister-in-law a little studio mini session because after THREE boys she had a beautiful baby girl and Erin wanted me to capture this new cherished baby.


We started with some individual photos of Josie but then she got a bit fussy so we made Emily get in some shots. And that’s when I fell in love with this session! You’ll see why. I wish every single mom in the history of the world would find someone to capture them with their babies like this! I would die to have shots of me and each of my kiddos around this stage of babyhood. It’s so special. And so sweet. And I am so in love!


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I made Erin get in some too! She is an amazing aunt and Josie loves her!

Happy Tuesday friends! Can you tell I’m attempting to get this blog rolling again? More and more I’m reading that blogs aren’t effective in growing a business, readership is down, whatever. But I read blogs still and I love to write when I force myself to actually do it. I also love sharing current sessions for my clients or potential future clients. I love sharing photos of my kids and our family adventures or misadventures too. I love the act of blogging and now that school is in session I have a bit more time SO my goal is to blog 5 days a week. I’m sure I will screw up but that’s my goal! If you read my blog thanks for popping in!