We celebrate Eve Eve with my mom’s family – and what I love best about my mom’s family is that they are all cousins! My mom is an only child so we are closer with her cousins than most families are. It’s always one of my favorite nights of Christmas and this year I actually took some photos!


These are just LR edited but for family photos sometimes that’s fine if it gets them done and shared!


My mom (on the far left) with her three cousins – for Christmas my sister and I gave my mom a HUGE photo book which is what they’re all looking at there. I went through every single album of my mom’s and took out ALL the Christmas photos – over 50 years worth – then I photographed them with my iPhone (the quality was actually better than when I tried to scan them). The book is in no particular order so each page is this random assortment of memories which forces you to really pour over every page. 100 pages and almost 500 photos! It was my favorite gift to give this year (we did the same thing for my in-laws – I’ll share those books soon b/c they are a bit different)! I loved watching them all see photos they hadn’t seen in 30+ years!


I always love my parent’s tree!


We play rob-your-neighbor and it’s the kids favorite part of the whole night! There are always at least 1-2 gifts that everyone wants! This year there was a box that someone told Chris had an electric blanket in and he went nuts to try to get it which made everyone else go nuts! My cousin’s son won it and inside was a paint by number set for kids! HA!

20151223-FAP_1995_WEB 20151223-FAP_2000_WEB

See everyone stealing that one gift! HA!

20151223-FAP_2017_WEB 20151223-FAP_2020_WEB

After the game the kids all put on a play of the Christmas story. Parker was Mary and aside from that I can’t totally remember it all but it was hysterical!


I love my family!