Oh my gosh this little guy was so much fun to capture!


When you book a Full Cake Smash Session we design two sets for you (in collaboration with you) – the first is for portraits and the second is for the cake smash. We start with the portraits and end with the smash – for obviously messy reasons!


We also do some other shots though – some might have simple props like balloons and then we always love to capture simple baby photos in a plain white onesie if possible too!


His expressions were priceless! HA! That mad baby photo should totally be a “caption this” contest!


And those sweet puppy dog eyes and cheeks – makes you want to scoop him up and snuggle him doesn’t it?


I just think there is nothing better than a simple white onesie!


Then after the portraits we move onto the cake! This cake was from Catherine’s Cakery!

20160121-FAP_3687_WEB 20160121-FAP_3729_WEB 20160121-FAP_3733_WEB

Baby toes are my favorite thing ever!

20160121-FAP_3742_WEB 20160121-FAP_3760_WEB

You can book this session on it’s own OR get $50 off the session fee if you book the Belly to Birthday Baby Plan!