Growing up we used to spend 3-4 days in Emminence, MO at Harvey’s Circle B campground with all of my cousins on my mom’s side. It was awesome. We canoed two days, stayed in old drafty cabins, played cards at picnic tables with the grandma’s, jumped off Button Rock, ate awesome meals, caught crawdads and sang camp songs around the fire every night. It was what childhoods were made for and where so many of my favorite memories were made. By the time I’d hit college most of our cousins were married and starting families (Abbie and I were two of the younger cousins) and those trips just sort of petered out.

Until this year when my parents, my sister’s family and the five of us revived the trip!

BUT FIRST – let’s take a trip down memory lane!

My mom and sister texted me these tonight so they are iPhone pics of old photos which means the quality is worse then they really are BUT for all my cousins that might read this I just hard to start with some of these! They make me smile and bring back SO many memories!

IMG_1250_WEB IMG_1253_WEB

My sister and I were laughing that I had “Santa Mouse” in June! That guy still comes out at Christmas around here!

IMG_1254_WEB IMG_1257_WEB

SUE – if you’re reading this – I love you in that photo! And MAN I miss those three ladies – my Grandma, Great Aunt Daisy and cousin Jane.

IMG_1258_WEB IMG_1262_WEB

Um. Yes. We had matching t-shirts. I have one hanging in my closet still. Makes me happy every time I run across it! And yes – I can’t do bangs! HA!

IMG_1263 2_WEB

OK – so now that we’ve relived the early 90’s let’s see how our trip went! June 1992 meet July 2015!

(WARNING – there are a TON of photos….)


We started the trip just like we used to – with a stop at Maramec Springs.


Nothing has changed about this place in 20 years. Probably 50.


In this photo the kids are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (not in that order)!

20150615-FAP_6253_WEB 20150615-FAP_6279_WEB

Then we got to Harvey’s – which isn’t called Harvey’s anymore – just Circle B – which made Abbie and I so sad! So much has changed there but yet so much is still just the same!

20150615-FAP_6286_WEB 20150615-FAP_6299_WEB 20150615-FAP_6306_WEB 20150616-DSC_0051_WEB 20150616-DSC_0054_WEB 20150616-DSC_0074_WEB 20150616-DSC_0076_WEB

Alley Spring! SOOOO cold!

20150616-DSC_0083_WEB 20150616-DSC_0084_WEB 20150616-DSC_0085_WEB 20150616-DSC_0093_WEB

C found that axe while snorkeling! So crazy!

20150616-DSC_0110_WEB 20150616-FAP_6322_WEB 20150617-FAP_6351_WEB 20150617-FAP_6371_WEB

I LOVE this photo of me and Gray right after he woke up!


This will be framed big in our house!

20150617-FAP_6384_WEB 20150617-FAP_6388_WEB 20150617-FAP_6396_WEB

We loved introducing the kids to Button Rock!

20150617-FAP_6413_WEB 20150617-FAP_6426_WEB 20150617-FAP_6444_WEB

Bailey was brave enough to go off the highest point! (see that house ON the rock? That wasn’t there 20 years ago and shocked us!)

20150617-FAP_6486_WEB 20150617-FAP_6497_WEB 20150617-FAP_6515_WEB

The girls had so much fun building fairy houses!


On the way home we stopped at Rocky Falls – holy cow this place was amazing!

20150617-FAP_6557_WEB 20150617-FAP_6591_WEB 20150617-FAP_6599_WEB 20150617-FAP_6625_WEB 20150617-FAP_6635_WEB 20150617-FAP_6641_WEB

Such a great trip! We are absolutely going back next summer! I love that our kids are making amazing memories too!