We had a sweet swarm of boys in the studio at the end of December and then lately we’ve had girls! They come in waves I swear! It cracks Kim and I up!

This little guy was so sweet and again he is such a pretty baby! We are lucky our clients have such cute kids!


I am so lucky to have Kim – she makes almost every single knit piece we use now on babies!


Ford’s lashes weren’t as thick as Joseph’s (blog from yesterday) but they were just as long! Look at those things they’re perfection!

20141229freshart0023b 20141229freshart0029b

Mom and Dad brought in that gray/blue blanket – I love it when parents bring special things to their sessions to make the images more personal!

20141229freshart0047b 20141229freshart0051b 20141229freshart0065b 20141229freshart0075b

Baby toes get me every time!

20141229freshart0081b 20141229freshart0091b 20141229freshart0093b

Sloane is about a year and a half and we had to work pretty darn hard for this shot! She is going to be an amazing big sister but at this age she just doesn’t understand what’s happening! Her world has been rocked! My kids are this close together and although it made for some sleepless years I would do it all over again because NOW it’s amazing! Their parents will love watching them play together one day soon! I write this as my girls are on the floor of my office right now playing together – still makes my heart melt!

20141229freshart0097b 20141229freshart0103b

Such a sweet family! We can’t wait to watch these two little ones grow up!