Happy Monday friends!

I am THRILLED to announce these sessions!

The first one is from the comments on our Winter Newsletter post – thanks to all that read the newsletter and took the time to leave a comment! I asked Bails to pick a random number and chose that comment – SUPER scientific over here! HA! Then the other three were nominated back in the fall – I was supposed to announce them before Christmas and just totally forgot in the chaos of the holiday season. I felt bad but ultimately I hope a free session is great no matter when it’s announced!

I want you to know that I am giving these away because I am really passionate about Moms being in photos with their kids. I’m passionate about this because I’m not in enough photos. I’m behind the camera 99.9% of the time and feel fat/ugly/whatever in the ones I’m in. I struggle with this just like I think most women do – and some men too of course. But wow does it make me sad when at the end of a year I look back and can count on my fingers the photos I’m in because my kids might one day wonder where in the heck I was while they were growing up! I wish I could have a Momma Mini for myself once a year but I wish mostly that I would force Chris to take more photos of me and the kids or pass my camera to anyone to capture me more often.

I mentioned in my Winter Newsletter that I am starting a project this year called 52 portraits where once a week I intentionally capture each of my children. I don’t have any rules for this except that I just do it – and then blog about it each week. I’m excited to share last week’s images this week on the blog but today I think I am going to add something to that project. Photos of me. If I could take 52 self portraits this year it would be 10 times the amount of images I have of myself from last year. And they don’t all have to be self portraits – I’d love some to be me with my kids just doing normal things. I’m in my pajamas at my desk right now so it makes me laugh that I am considering taking photos of myself on a weekly basis but the more I think about it the more important it feels. I’ll need to flesh this out a bit more this week but for today I love this idea!

ANYWAY – Moms need to be in more photos with their kids. Period. And because of what I talked about above I think it helps if the photos are done professionally because I can help pose or edit (like the huge pimple I have on my chin right now! yowzers!) and make you look your best. So I’m giving four away! BUT what I hope it does for those moms is to show them how special photos of themselves with their kids are and maybe that will encourage them to pass the camera to their spouses for a change.

Here are some of my favorite shots from my own Momma Mini (shot by Kim) two years ago….

KIM_4486b KIM_4546b KIM_4585b KIM_4608b KIM_4614b KIM_4633b

I love love love these photos! Love them. I cherish them.

And I hope these four women feel the same way once they get their photos back from me too!


Happy Monday! It’s going to be a good+busy week!