It was near zero all day today with a windchill of -15+ degrees and even though we couldn’t stay outside very long we did take the kids out a few times to burn off some energy! I have a few posts cooked up to share some of what we’ve been up to while we’ve been snowed in, but had to share this first so those of you living in the land of the frozen, like us, can try this tomorrow if you want to!

All you have to do is boil some water, take it outside, throw it in the air and watch it turn into SNOW! (I’m popping in this morning to add that you have to be super careful with this experiment… the hot water can easily blow back into your face and burn you. Kelly was next to her house to stay out of the wind and we kept the kids a safe distance away. Just be careful if you try this!)

20140106-FAP_8138b 20140106-FAP_8143b 20140106-FAP_8144b 20140106-FAP_8145b 20140106-FAP_8147b 20140106-FAP_8148b


It was pretty cool!

Another snow day at home tomorrow because the roads are still bad and the temps are just so low… I’m watching Alaska, The Last Frontier right now (it’s one of my favs!) and they go outside when it’s so much colder than this so I feel like we’re huge wimps here in St. Louis but these are some of the coldest temps I’ve ever experienced I think! But in true St. Louis fashion, it’s going to be near 50 degrees by the weekend! HA!

Anyway, if you’re BORED tomorrow try this little experiment!