I’ve been working so much during the day for clients that every night I hit a point when I have to do something for myself or else I want to throw my computer out the window! So tonight I took a few minutes and edited this little man. He is the youngest son of Gray’s soccer coach and when we got to the game last week he was just sitting in this dirt pile playing with an old truck. I immediately asked his mom, who I barely know, if I could photograph him. Never in my entire life have I done that! Never! Most people don’t know I’m a photographer and even if they did I’m always afraid that I will come off as totally creepy if I ask to photograph their cute kid. And I swear I’m not creepy! Luckily she said it was ok so I snapped for about two minutes and now I want to do an entire session with a boy in the dirt!

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I’m obsessed. He is the cutest thing and his “good as gold” shirt cracks me up. Filthy dirty but good as gold! HA!

Ok, back to my wonderful clients! Lots of sneak peeks to come and so many more sessions still this fall! I’m busy but not overwhelmed yet this year which is an awesome feeling! And I am still making it to all the kid’s soccer games, doing homework with them, having reading time, etc. so for the first fall in a while I also don’t feel like the world’s worst mom! I know this is 100% because Fresh Art has so many good people working behind the scenes. Amy, my assistant, and Tricia, my business manager, work so hard to keep things moving. I am eternally grateful for their hard work, friendship and guidance. And poor Kim… she gets my hundreds of daily texts and “help me” phone calls! HA! She’s the best and most patient friend ever! All this to say… if you are a photographer who is drowning this time of year it might be time to consider hiring some things out. If you can focus your time on the things that bring in income and you pass off the things that don’t you will feel so much better!

And hey… is everyone else so excited to watch the Card’s game tomorrow night? GO CARDS!