It felt SO good to have a new baby in the studio again! It’s been a little while – since before Christmas – and having Kim there with me was such a treat! I love that woman! Grayson was the sweetest baby boy (and OF COURSE I love his name!). He was older than we normally like to photograph but the ice/snow storm the week before forced us to push the session back a week. We came in expecting the worst, to be honest with you, because babies over 2 weeks old can be tough. He surprised us though! He slept and ate and was content the whole time! Such a JOY! He loved being swaddled more than anything else so we did more of that than normal but oh my gosh I love these photos! He has the most handsome little face! Such a BOY! I love it! And this family – we met them when we did big sister’s newborn photos and to say it’s been a joy watching this family grow is a massive understatement. I adore them and felt so blessed that Jessi and I even had a little bit of time at the end just to chat. That’s really the best part of this job!

20140210-FAP_4240b 20140210-FAP_4250bwb 20140210-FAP_4301b  20140210-FAP_4316 20140210-FAP_4323-bw  20140210-FAP_4358b 20140210-FAP_4371b 20140211-FAP_4394b

I thought I would include a few behind the scenes shots!

20140211-FAP_4397 20140211-FAP_4437b 20140211-FAP_4451bwb

Oh this last image just has my heart. Such a beautiful momma!