I don’t shoot birthday parties very often but I’m so glad I did for this one! This family welcomed me into their home like I had been there all along and it was such a joy to capture this little man’s special day! First grandbabies are just special and man does Harrison have a lot of people that love and adore him! Here are just a few of my favorite moments!

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He didn’t do this on purpose but I love that he’s holding up just one finger!


His Grandma hosted his party and worked hard with his Momma on all of the details for his Finding Nemo party.

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One set of Grandparents! Harrison took a photo with every single person at his party! And he smiled the entire time!


His proud parents!


Great Grandpa’s have the best shoulders for cuddling!


And then came the cake smash!

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I gave my kids sink baths almost every day when they were little. The girls would sit on either side of the sink with plastic utensils or toys and keep themselves entertained while I cooked dinner. So when he was covered in cake and icing I suggested a sink bath, something they hadn’t done with him since he was an infant. I think he liked it! And that last shot just cracks me up!


“You want to take me out of this warm sink bath?” HA!

Thanks Shemeld family!