You guys all know our neighbors by now and you’ve heard me say too many times to count how blessed we are to live across the street from them. This is just another one of the random reasons we love them so much.


It was just before dinner and we were going to eat a bit later than usual so Chris could actually sit down at the table with us – during soccer we can count on one hand the nights we eat together as a family. Dinner was done and the kids were restless so I sent them to play outside while I got some work done. A little while later my neighbor comes to the door and tells me I might want to grab my camera and go look at what the kids are doing. So of course I follow him outside.

20140331-FAP_9272b 20140331-FAP_9287b

Outside she’s set up a little obstacle course for the kids on their roller blades.


She’s the judge.


They are graded on skill…

20140331-FAP_9307b 20140331-FAP_9308b

and FLAIR!


I can’t remember why Parker was upset but this pouty photo of her makes me smile!


20140331-FAP_9313b 20140331-FAP_9314b 20140331-FAP_9319b 20140331-FAP_9322b

As the scores got better the dramatics (trying to improve their “flair” score) grew.

20140331-FAP_9325b 20140331-FAP_9328b 20140331-FAP_9331b

20140331-FAP_9337b 20140331-FAP_9341b 20140331-FAP_9344b 20140331-FAP_9347b 20140331-FAP_9354b 20140331-FAP_9356b 20140331-FAP_9357b

Oh the drama these kids have! They are actually all in my basement right now putting on a play they wrote as I type this!

20140331-FAP_9363b 20140331-FAP_9368b 20140331-FAP_9369b

Parker desperately wants to ride horses for a living but that kid could be a comedian! She makes me laugh!


20140331-FAP_9384b 20140331-FAP_9393b 20140331-FAP_9394b 20140331-FAP_9399b 20140331-FAP_9400b


20140331-FAP_9409b 20140331-FAP_9414b 20140331-FAP_9418b 20140331-FAP_9429b 20140331-FAP_9436b 20140331-FAP_9442b 20140331-FAP_9446b

They had a BLAST. We all did. I was laughing so hard at their antics. And full of joy that we have friends like these so close. Chris got home and got to see them too which was a real treat!

20140331-FAP_9453b 20140331-FAP_9462b

Dinner had been warming on the stove and ended up a bit over done but it was SO worth this fun evening with our neighbors!