Sometimes we find a trail that we become OBSESSED with (Hughes Mountain is a current one for sure) and then there are others that we are glad we did but won’t ever go back. Indian Camp Creek looked AWESOME in the photos online and we will for sure go back to play in the water this summer BUT the hiking was AWFUL. The trail was not marked well and we ended up totally lost. It was SUPER muddy and flat so no fun views or anything super interesting. When we got lost we ended up following the creek for a while and that was really pretty – would be fun in summer (but you can’t really bushwack in summer b/c of poison ivy, bugs and underbrush so I’m not sure that would have worked actually).


The hike started out next to the creek and it was pretty crowded because it’s right next to the playground. Busy but pretty!


We decided to start in a different place after walking along the creek for a while b/c the trail disappeared – this is where the mud started and it just never ended!

20160130-FAP_5790_WEB 20160130-FAP_5792_WEB 20160130-FAP_5800_WEB

My parents wondered what these trees are – anyone know?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mom and this is my new favorite photo of her!


Gray was about to attack Parker so she said she was a tree! HA! I love the games they make up while hiking!


Thank goodness for rubber boots!


Chris took the kids down to the creek so my parents and I waited above the creek – this is basically where we lost the trail.

20160130-FAP_5836_WEB 20160130-FAP_5840_WEB 20160130-FAP_5843_WEB

After getting wet Parker had a blister so she was carefully walking with one boot off and one on – we are totally lost by this point!


This photo makes me laugh so hard – my mom/kids are headed one way and my dad the other! HA! We had NO idea where we were or how to get back.


You can see Chris ahead of my dad pointing – he’s saying, “I hear cars I think…” HAHA! Super lost.


Thankful for bandaids in PawPaw’s back pocket for blisters!

We finally did make it out and we come bursting through the brush looking muddy, wet, sweaty and crazy as people are pulling up in cars, playing on the playground, etc. We looked CRAZY you guys!

I love having a perfect Christmas tree but the one we still talk about the most is the year our tree flew off the car and was run over by a truck in the mushy snow before Chris could shove it IN the car dripping grime all over the kids (who were little bitty in car seats still)! This hike was our run-over tree! Total disaster but one we will talk about for a long time I think!