I haven’t posted a personal post in MONTHS! Trying to keep up with my clients is my top priority but you guys know we love to hike so I thought I’d share this recent hike we took!

We’ve done Valley View Glades before and it’s for sure one of our favorite hikes! It’s a GOOD workout – just over 3 miles with LOTS of up and down so wear good boots/shoes. There is a creek you get to cross several times, forests to hike in and then suddenly the path opens up to this beautiful valley. My kids do best when there is a good variety so this one is great for them!

We saw SO many trees totally destroyed by woodpeckers! I had never seen anything like it before and I’m out in nature fairly often! Luckily we had Aunt Abbie along who is a naturalist and could explain it to all of us!

Hiking with my parents is my favorite thing to do with them. Lots of memories being made with their grandkids which I love.

Imagine this valley full of wildflowers! We’ve never seen it but it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS in the spring!

I think we’ll have to come back this April/May!

Bailey took my camera and captured this shot of me, my sister and my mom. This will get printed for our home. We were snuggling and Bails caught it – it wasn’t posed. I love it.

Bails also captured this one of Sam and Aunt Abbie. I might have a little photographer on my hands!

During our break PawPaw and Gray were throwing rocks and having a blast! Boys!

Gray brought his walkie talkies on the hike and the kids had a blast but this is how far apart they were most of the time when talking to each other! HAHA! Totally cracked us adults up!

Sisters and best friends – we are seriously SO lucky!

So glad that his cousins will play “boy games” with him occasionally!

Family hiking is my absolute favorite thing in the world to do – especially in winter!