When I posted about Pink Sheep I went back and looked through my old blog to find that funny Parker story and for 30 minutes I got sucked into reading about our life back in 2008. Wow. What a difference! I was working a ton but mostly for free or next-to-nothing, I had three under three and was home all day with them. And man did I blog like a maniac! Multiple times a day sometimes and lots of times with no photos!

So for two days I’ve been thinking about it and what I realized is not that I had more time to blog back then, because really I am at my computer all day sometimes now and could put blogging closer to the top of my to do list, but that I had more of a NEED. I didn’t have the friend network I have now and my blog readers were sometimes my only connection to the outside world. I needed comments and emails to make me feel like a human being and not just like an endless diaper-changing-breast-feeding-nose-wiping-machine. It was necessary to my happiness a lot of days and inadvertently ended up building my business.

As my kids get older I don’t need to talk about them as much. I don’t need to vent as much because it’s gotten really freaking easy compared to those sleep deprived years. They wipe their own butts now, can make cereal in the morning without waking me up, shower by themselves and play nicely together. Most days I have it easy and so on the days that require more of a vent I don’t feel drawn to the big world wide web when I quick text to a friend will suffice. But while reading those old posts I missed something. My voice. I think my voice is slowly getting drowned out with a growing business, growing kids, their activities and just LIFE.

So for better or worse I might start writing a bit more here. Sneak peeks will sometimes take a back seat to a funny kid story, a rehashing of our busy day or a major vent fest. I can’t decide if that’s ok or not, now that I’m a business owner and not just a mommy blogger, but time will tell. Reading about the simple parts of our day back then was so refreshing and reminded me that I’m not the world’s worst mom, that in fact I can always say I at least gave them a few good years of good ole fashioned intentional parenting! That’s something at least!

Happy Thursday morning you all! I just got back from a really nice walk with a neighbor and am heading into the studio for a marathon day with Kim… 9am and 4pm newborn sessions! Whew! I’m already dreaming about our lunch break! HA! Have a good one!