We are still shooting away with four sessions this past weekend, a few more coming up this month and lots of due dates this winter! We LOVE that we’re going to be staying busy through our “slow” season! Thanks to all of you that share our name with your family and friends that are expecting! Newborns are our passion and we feel so blessed to have due dates into MAY now!

We said a LONG time ago to book early b/c ANY session taking place AFTER November 1st we couldn’t promise Christmas delivery. And that is still true. Our vendors are amazing but they are being bombarded with orders from photographers all over the country too! Our vendors deadline to us for guaranteed Christmas delivery is November 30th. Which means ALL orders HAVE TO BE in to us AND PAID IN FULL by November 30th.


We launch our galleries on Thursday and orders are due the following Monday. That means we have two more Thursday’s to launch galleries before the deadline. We are working our tushes off to get galleries that aren’t set to go up until later, done early to meet these deadlines but we can’t promise anything. If you are set to have your gallery live either this Thurs or next Thurs you HAVE to get your order in AND PAID immediately. And we know it’s Thanksgiving next week but we can’t help our vendor deadlines! So be prepared to get your order in over the Thanksgiving weekend even if you’re traveling!

If you are wondering when your gallery is due to launch feel free to email us at [email protected]. Or if you have any other questions. We have to be strict about this because our hands are tied and don’t want anyone upset when their order isn’t in by the holidays!

This also includes Christmas card orders!!! Any client can order Christmas cards from us but we have to have the design finished and set to print by the 30th! Which means i need to get my butt in gear too for my family cards!

Also, let me stress this again… orders have to be PAID IN FULL by November 30th in order to be placed! We can use PayPal or you can deliver a check, just let us know!

It’s crunch time people! That means LOTS of late nights on our end with editing and ordering and lots of craziness for our amazing friend Julie who does our packaging! We are working as hard as we can to give you amazing images, speedy edits and beautiful products!

Let us know if you have any questions!

More sneak peeks coming soon!