Every year Chris brings his varsity team to the kid’s school to play with the classes our girls are in!


The kids always LOVE it!


I told Parker that morning to dress for the soccer girls… I meant to put on something sporty to play with them but I think she thought I meant to look cute for them! HA!


Chris knows not all kids in first and third grade (or any grade for that matter) likes soccer or even athletics so instead of making them do drills or actually play a sport he has them do quick calisthenic-type activities which just crack up the kids – big and small!

20140509-FAP_4173b 20140509-FAP_4176b

Gray was pretty excited I brought him too!

20140509-FAP_4178b 20140509-FAP_4180b 20140509-FAP_4192b

Watching Gray try to carry Ava’s leg had me laughing so hard I was crying!

20140509-FAP_4205b 20140509-FAP_4208b 20140509-FAP_4215b 20140509-FAP_4226b

Big kids carrying little kids and then switch!


Chris has the best smile!

20140509-FAP_4236b 20140509-FAP_4252b

Some kids were SO strong! Go Vivian!

20140509-FAP_4257b 20140509-FAP_4267b

Leap frog!

20140509-FAP_4282b 20140509-FAP_4303b 20140509-FAP_4311b

Then the kids got to just chat with the soccer players – Emma is one of Bailey’s favorite players and she was smitten that’s who her partner was!


What I love most about these relationships is that the high school girls take them very seriously. They know there are little kids watching their every move and listening to every word from the side of the field when they play. They KNOW these kiddos idolize them and so they love on our kids, go out of their way to talk to them and truly watch what they say or how their acting b/c they know those little eyes and ears are out there. I think it’s great for all involved actually. Those big girls get 99% of C’s time in the spring and throughout the year BUT what they bring to our family is SO worth losing him. They truly bless our lives.


Love. Simple and truly love all those kids – big and small!