Saturday felt like we were living in Florida – hot, muggy and massive storms coming and going all day. We tried three times to go to Art and Air and every time we’d get caught in a crazy thunderstorm! After one last attempt we were home and Chris and I were standing at the front windows commenting on how flooded the streets were getting when we both had the idea at the exact same time to let the kids go play!

In full disclosure – the tornado sirens were going off, it was thundering (we never saw lightening) and might not have been the smartest idea BUT I grew up playing in the rain and it never killed me! More and more Chris and I are working to be less overprotective (we don’t lean that way anyway but are trying even more I guess) so that the kids can make memories and just have some old fashioned FUN this summer! Playing, dancing, jumping and splashing in the street in a downpour totally fit the bill!

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