Continuing on with the God-incidences, I sent Padric’s Mom an email to let her know about their sneak peek and she sent me back not only a super sweet email, but the fabulous news that Padric was able to go home today!  What a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, and we rejoice with their family!

Our next little guy, Jacob, I think has quite a few nurses head over heels for him!  Sweet little guy that he is, with a fabulous and strong family.  As we were photographing him, I looked up, tapped Jodie, and pointed to a poster they had made with Jacob’s photos on his door…. covered in shamrocks!  Those green shamrocks that have always been a symbol for Seamus.  Those green shamrocks that, again, had us saying thank you, Seamus, for being with us today!

and like any good St. Louisian, Jacob is a big Cardinals fan!

We rounded out the day with a set of triplets… two of which were heading home that day too!  Photographing triplets is no easy feat.  Photographing triplets in a NICU room, even harder, but it was all hands on deck with lots of helpers!  Clayton, Ella, and Mya have some of the sweetest and most patient parents, which I’m sure comes in handy with 3 little ones to care for!  So glad we got to capture a big day for them!

Little Clayton didn’t get the memo we were the baby whisperers… the girls snoozed and snoozed while Clayton gave us a run for our money!

The NICU is so full of wonderful caring people that take care of these babies and their families!  Here are some of the special people in Seamus’ life.

And I hope Kristin doesn’t mind, but I stole this off her Facebook wall because it so puts into words the awesome work the nurses do… the ones that don’t always get the credit and accolades they so deserve:

Being a NURSE means you carry immense responsibility & very little authority. You step into people’s lives & make a difference. Some bless you, others curse you. You see people at their worst & best. You see life begin & end. You see people’s capacity for love, courage and endurance.

Happy Nurses Week to all of you!  You are now officially on the blog!  🙂  And Jodie and I are working up a nice way to thank you!