We had two babies the week Lauren came in – the first was a 9 pound boy whose squishiness won our hearts and then we got to meet this teeny tiny 5 pound baby girl! We joked that Will could have eaten her she was so tiny! Both Kim and I are partial to bigger chunky babies but of my gosh you guys – this baby girl was pure perfection! Just look at her!


I feel so lucky to have Kim in my life for literally more than a million reasons but specifically in regards to newborns I love that her new passion is knitting and crocheting! We are to the point where at least 90% of the hats you see us use were created by her! She’s amazing!



I thought I’d post some more behind the scenes photos than we usually post – let me know in the comments if you guys like seeing us working or totally don’t care!



KIM_0106 KIM_0127 KIM_0158b KIM_0159 KIM_0161 KIM_0166

Can you believe that little grin she flashed us? Every time a newborn smiles, even just a little bit, we feel like the biggest rock stars ever! As if we have anything to do with it! HA!

KIM_0179 KIM_0213 KIM_0260 KIM_0277bw


The ONE request Mom had was the froggy pose and I warned her that because Lauren spent some time in the NICU that she may be a bit more “uncurled” than normal so we might not be able to get that pose for her. Of course Lauren was all, “what’s the big deal?” SO glad we were able to capture this for Jenn!