I am on day six or seven (I’m loosing track, which is good!) of NO soda and no caffeine. Which means ALL day and ALL night I literally dream about Mnt Dew. It is all I can do not to stop and get one and last night I nearly broke down and called Imo’s to PLEASE RESCUE ME FROM MY HELL but instead my MIL, Terri, gave me a Super B Complex vitamin or whatever. I pretended it did the trick to wake me up a little. Really it smelled awful and made my pee SUPER yellow. Actually, it looked like I peed out Mnt Dew which did NOT help matters any!

I’m telling you all of this b/c TOMORROW I’m going to share WHY I quit Mnt Dew and WHO is behind my massive transformation and which little man I think of every time I almost cave and drink one. I’m ALSO telling you this so you understand if I’m a little snappy or forgetful or just plain old MEAN right now. Because DUDE I survived my life with Mnt Dew! It was my life force! And it has been RIPPED from my fingers. So today I’m posting the sweetest little Kindergarten girl you could ever meet and tomorrow I will tell you my story.

And if anyone knows any support groups for caffeine addiction I am ALL ears b/c THIS IS HARD! And if the person who did this to me lived anywhere near me she would most certainly have TP in her trees or her can saran wrapped or SOMETHING right now! HA!

Alright. Marissa.

We met Marissa last year at our fall minis… actually I met her then b/c Kim has known her for some time since she was in the same preschool class as her son, Thomas. So I got to meet her last year, just briefly since it’s a mini session but I adored her. Super sweet, good listener, not out of control… just one great kid! And this year? Even better!

I mean could she be any cuter? Seriously!

Although every kid has to be silly sometimes…

HA! Look at those eyes!

Thanks for bringing her out again this year Tara! It was great to see you girls!