Yesterday my parents asked us to go with them to visit my Grandparent’s graves after church. The girls are doing summer journals and I thought it might be a neat lesson about Memorial Day to take the kids, do grave rubbings and start to understand what today is all about.


We started by going to my mom’s parents and what’s so neat is that my Grandma’s best friend was with us and her husband is buried right next to my Grandma. We couldn’t get Grandma Berta out of the car but the kids helped my parents clip away the grass from all four grave stones (Berta’s is there even though she’s still here) and I think that made her really happy.

20140525-FAP_7575b 20140525-FAP_7579b

Gray loved using the clippers while the girls did the grave rubbings.

20140525-FAP_7580b 20140525-FAP_7581b 20140525-FAP_7585b 20140525-FAP_7587b

My Grandpa George (yes, my mom’s parents were George and Georgia!) and Berta’s husband, Jack, both served in WW2.

20140525-FAP_7588b 20140525-FAP_7595b 20140525-FAP_7597b

After we finished at those graves we actually were able to find my mom’s Grandparents (Huffington side for any family reading) and that was really cool to show the kids!


Then we went to where my dad’s parents are buried and after lots and lots of searching we finally found their graves!


Some clipping and clearing and cleaning!

20140525-FAP_7607b 20140525-FAP_7618b

Right behind my dad’s parents is his Grandparents – really neat the kids got to see two sets of Great Great Grandparents!

20140525-FAP_7620b 20140525-FAP_7621b 20140525-FAP_7626b 20140525-FAP_7629b

My Kuhn grandparents have two grave markers – I guess my Grandpa got the bigger one because he could never find his first wife’s grave (my dad’s mom).


Finally we headed over to Jefferson Barracks to visit Chris’ Grandpa and Grandma that are buried there.


I was SO glad we were able to go there with Chris to show the kids – his Grandpa Smith is who Bailey Smith was named after. He was C’s favorite person when he was little and I’m sad I never got to meet him.


While we were there hundreds of boy scouts were putting flags on every single grave for Memorial Day – it was an amazing sight!

I’m so glad my parents had this idea and invited us along! The kids were still talking about it today! I hope you guys all had great Memorial Day weekends too!