Last week I got to have the best departure ever from my normal 5 and under clients! Michael needed some updated photos for his mom (being that his siblings all have families and updated family portraits his mom wanted to have some nice photos of him so he’s gifting these to her for Mother’s Day! Now THAT is a good son!) and a head shot or two for work so we met downtown and had a quick Weekday Mini Session. I LOVE working with kids but man is it nice every once in a while to have a client that doesn’t need fart jokes to make him laugh! HA! Michael was super easy going and made my job a breeze as we wandered around the city together! Thanks for a great afternoon!

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I just wanted to give you guys a BIG huge thank you for all of your support, prayers, kind words and good wishes for the studio! I have felt so supported this week it’s amazing! Yesterday I walked into the studio for the first time with Kim and it was perfect! She came all the way from Union to be there for me and it meant the world! Then we had lunch on the floor of the studio together with Tricia, Kelly and Angie… some of my best friends. I have the BEST friends in the world! Having my first hours in the studio with them was better than anything I could have asked for. I love my husband but it’s my girl friends who hear me vent about my business. Kim and Tricia are behind every move I make and Jen/Angie/Jen/Kelly listen to the good, the bad and the ugly when I need to talk. I really feel so blessed to have found such good friends. Last night got crazy so Chris and the kids are going to see the studio tonight (I think… I may have a 6pm session which would change the plans!) which is really exciting too!

NOW…. does anyone know a painter who can SPRAY a room? After tons of thought I think I just want everything white so I can shoot in there and the light can bounce around better. I would LOVE to find a painter to barter with! If you have anyone that might want family photos send them my way!!!