A few weeks ago we went to the Lantern Festival with my parents, my sister, nieces and my little “sister” Kelsey. It was an awesome night and we all had so much fun! I’m going to keep my words short in attempt to get back into blogging – when it takes too long I just don’t do it anymore! I need things to be quick and easy these days!

FAP_89072015_WEB FAP_88912015_WEB

Gray was SO excited to find a snake because he’s OBSESSED with snakes right now so ignore his super fake smile and know he really was excited! HA!


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I’m going to frame this photo of my parents. In my house. BIG. I love how happy they look!

FAP_89422015_WEB FAP_89452015_WEB FAP_89572015_WEB FAP_89592015_WEB FAP_89672015_WEB

If you can make time to go I would HIGHLY recommend the Lantern Festival! It was amazing!