Gray woke me up at 2am to ask if he could get a drink – which is odd for him to do (get water in the middle of the night AND ask permission if he does) but it was 2am so I probably mumbled a yes and forgot about it until I heard “I’M PUKING” which popped me right out of bed! I have to give him props because he threw up in the kitchen sink. My kids are notorious for puking ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE so the sink? In the garbage disposal side? AWESOME BUDDY! THANKS!

Chris got up and made him a bed on the couch then I shooed him back to our bed because teaching a bunch of crazy high school aged hormone filled kids on no sleep is not at all fun. As I tucked Gray in he asked if I would stay in there with him. So I did. Because that’s what moms do. He never threw up again but he tossed and turned and had a really hard time falling asleep so as someone completely freaked out by puke I was wide awake just waiting for it to happen again. By 4:30am he was asleep and I figured we might actually have gotten off easy so I crawled into bed. C’s alarm went off at 5:30am. Then again at 6am. Then he showered, got dressed and in general made a ton of noise (swearing he was being as quiet as a mouse) so by 6:54am when I got up I was a zombie.

And I still am.

I am moving slow today. Really slow.

My head hurts and is foggy. My eyes ache from the decent 3 hours I got before the puke and the crappy time I got after.

Amy is in working today – so thankful for her. Always thankful for her. She’s amazing. And randomly she brought my kids a treat so Gray is happily playing with a new toy in the living room with the new TMNT movie on (YES it’s PG-13 but I need to work so whatever – he can handle it – I think) and I’m “working” (I used air quotes as I typed that because blogging about being tired isn’t really working and the most I’ve done since sitting at my desk is watch some FB videos). Amy just left to go get me a soda because today is NOT the day to quit that shitty habit. No sir. AND she’s going to The Novel Neighbor to get the book I have on hold because I think this afternoon I want to crawl in bed, read and fall asleep if possible. We’ll see. The book is “The Girl on the Train” or something like that (way too lazy to look it up or link it) – have you read it? TheSkimm recommended it and I like those people so I trust it’s a good book. Do you get TheSkimm? Best email of the day!

So because I feel like today is going to slip by in a fog I wanted to mention to the world that while I am moving at a snails pace today I actually have already gotten some things accomplished.

1. Scrubbed the bathroom. He didn’t puke in there but I felt like it might need some bleach.

2. Swept the floors.

3. Made my bed. I do this every day but today it was super inviting so even though I really didn’t want to make it, I did, and feel like that’s worth noting.

4. Packaged a gift for my niece’s – Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because of all the cute stuff so sending them a little love felt like a good idea. AND Amy does my post office running so had to get it out today.

Crap. That’s about all I’ve done. It felt like a lot more. Mostly because cleaning the bathroom sucks the life out of me and I always feel like that should be my only task that day when i get it done. If scrolling Facebook and reading blogs counted I could add more to the list. Amy and I chatted about some things and SHE’S getting stuff done so at least someone is working for Fresh Art today!

I am off to edit. Because answering emails today doesn’t feel fun. And I can watch nonsense on tv and edit – and that sounds more fun. I might also just go lay on the couch and watch cartoons with Gray. I was going to cook a good dinner tonight but maybe we’ll just have soup because there are things I need to prep early and I just bet it’s not going to happen. And let’s not mention the to do list that’s a mile long for work. Or the laundry that needs to be moved around. Oh Lord. I really thought I was doing better than I am!

At least I blogged! 🙂